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Weekly Workouts

Here’s my schedule for:

The week of October 28th – 

Sunday: Vinyasa yoga (45 minutes)

Monday: Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises (WHBBE) workout A, 3 miles/8:27 pace

Tuesday: Vinyasa yoga (60 minutes)

Wednesday: 5 miles 8:27/mile pace

Thursday: WHBBE Workout B

Friday: REST (And I slept almost 9 hours!)

The week of October 21st –

Sunday: 26.2 miles 8:37/mile pace

Monday: Active rest (walked 2 miles)

Tuesday: Active rest (walked 3-4ish miles)

Wednesday: 45 mins of crosstraining

Thursday: REST

Friday: 3 miles 9:22/mile pace, full body weights

Saturday: 6 miles 9:21/mile pace

The week of October 15th –

Sunday: 8 miles 9:05/mile pace

Monday: Sick day, REST

Tuesday: More REST, still sick

Wednesday: 6m including 3x1600m @ 7:03 pace with 800m recoveries

Thursday: 4 miles 8:35/mile pace

Friday: REST

Saturday: 4 miles/8:27 pace

The week of October 7th –

Sunday: 12 miles 8:52/mile pace

Monday: 4 miles 7:59/mile pace, 15 mins on ARC trainer

Tuesday: 5 miles 8:11/mile pace

Wednesday: 4 miles 8:29/mile pace, 15 mins on ARC trainer

Thursday: 4 mile tempo 7:35/mile pace (with 5 min warmup, so came out to 7:52 average), 10 mins elliptical

Friday: REST!

Saturday: 4 miles 8:27/mile pace

The week of September 30th –

Sunday: 20 miles (I didn’t even look at the pace. It’s somewhere around (9:20/min mile. I was miserable, driving rain, was battling shoe hate, just wanted to go home.)

Beginning to taper….

Monday: 5 miles 8:15/min mile

Tuesday: 5 miles 8:20/min mile

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo 7:35/min mile

Thursday:  7 miles 8:29/min mile

Friday: 4 miles 7:59/min mile, 10 mins on ARC trainer

Saturday: REST!

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