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October 31, 2012

Here’s another episode of stuff-I-stuff-my-face-with. Ran 5 easy miles before work. This schedule has been really fun! I think it’s important to appreciate all of the phases of training, you know?

Came home, had a quick scoop of Dymatize with water and then ran off to an early meeting.


After my meeting, I picked up a fruit cup and had it with 2 hard boiled eggs. Also had jasmine tea and a lot of water. Yet another apple for a snack. Sheesh, my foods are repetitive, huh?

Lunch was leftover salad from last night and a grilled chicken breast.

After work, super hungry. I had the 1/2 of a banana I had left in the fridge (also, I kind of like bananas cold!), with some Sunbutter.

Not pictured, but I snacked on about 10 gluten free tortilla chips (totally not necessary I know but I rationalized that at least it’s not candy!) while I was making dinner. I was in a snacky mood.

Dinner was this huge salad with: chickpeas, avocado, steamed broccoli, scallions, green peppers, apples and grapes, with tahini fluffed with white balsamic and lemon juice.


I just painted my nails (again, I know, it’s my new-old obsession. I am reconnecting with it. And I am going to make tea, and maybe read OR if I have a teeny bit of energy left, at least cast on this new knitting project. I got needles for the raccoon pattern today and I’m good to go!

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