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#WIAW (and running report)

October 18, 2012

Technically I’m posting this on Thursday. Yesterday, I ran 6 miles with 3x1600m @7:03/mile, and 800m recoveries. I went through the last cool down too fast because I had an 8am meeting and I needed to go get ready. I felt fine. My nose seems to be ok when I’m running. I just fall apart when I stop. Today, I ran an easy 3 at 8:35/mile pace.

I actually forgot it was Wednesday, so I drank my green monster smoothie without taking a pic. Whoopsie!

Lunch was 2 hard boiled eggs, and a few almonds, along with the rest of the giambotta. That was delicious! I loved that it had cabbage in it. For some reason, it was extra happy.

Of course, I had an apple. I think we pretty much only have apples from our CSA, so I will be eating them for a good long while.

Snack before CSA pickup: greek yogurt, 1/2 an apple, about 1/4 cup rice chex for extra crunch, and a bit of Sunbutter.

For dinner, we had just bought a pack of chicken breasts, so I made my chicken baked and for Michael, I made his cutlet style with breadcrumbs. I steamed green beans and I made mashed potatoes for him (and then I stole a nice spoonful!). I had the rest of the tomato in the fridge, and about an ounce (maybe less, I didn’t weigh it), of mozzarella, leftover from last week’s gluten free pizza I made. I am like a fridge hoover. I will pretty much eat anything together.

Things I ate not pictured: a gluten free “oreo” for dessert. I don’t know if it counts but Polar Seltzer water now has a Boston Creme Pie flavor (it’s zero cals, for the record). I totally bought it. It’s kind of disgusting, just a warning.

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