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Taper, Nerves & Motivational Stuff

October 12, 2012

Next Friday, I pick up my bib! AHH! I will tell you what this moment always reminds me of: you know when you were in college, writing a paper, and you’d just have the conclusion section left to write? I almost never wanted to write it. I wanted it to just BE. And have no ending. This was mainly because I loved the process of writing a paper so much, I didn’t want to finish it.

Yes, I also have been known to leave the last 10 pages of a book I’m reading for like….two days. Just to drag out the ending. It’s weird.

So here I spend all this time with my training schedule, which I absolutely adore. I really do. And then it’s a week to go and it’s all over. I guess I could learn a few things from the Tibetan monks about letting go, right?

However! I am bouncing off the walls. Tapering makes me jumpy. I am less cranky than I was last time I raced. It’s a mix of anxiety and energy and having no place to put it. I remind myself that I need to save this energy for the course!

My sweet girlfriend Allison is running her first marathon next Sunday. Exciting! She is also feeling a bit nervous. So for her, I present the things I think about, and remind myself of when I’m running. My mind turns off for the most part, but when it’s feeling unsettled, I remind myself of the following:

Do you have anything you repeat to yourself? Anything that soothes you when you’re feeling anxious? 🙂

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