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A kind of inelegant What I Ate Wednesday

September 27, 2012

But here it is, anyway!

Ran an 8 mile tempo run (unintentional, it kind of just happened) and came home and had some protein powder and then off I went to work.

Long, crazy train ride. I got to work, grabbed a massive cup of Awake tea, and had my delicious but kind of ugly overnight oats. Mmm baked apples in there too.

Lunch was leftover giambotta (Italian stew of just veggies) and 1/2 cup cottage cheese on the side. I had an apple for dessert. This just in: we have a TON of apples everywhere. Between apple picking and CSA we are just inundated.

Grabbed a pumpkin coffee on my break. I am super new to coffee. I’m never really sure what I think of it. I think I might like it? After work, yet another beverage. Carrot juice. My sister got me hooked on it.

Got the CSA and groceries after work. Long day!

Dinner was a cobbled together version of Christina’s mustard chicken, and yet more baked apples! This time with a dollop of the remaining peanut butter. The good things about mustard chicken: the turmeric in mustard is anti inflammatory. I was tired so I threw in what I had handy: 1/4 cup kidney beans, a bunch of hearts of palm, a scallion and some green pepper. Super delicious. I ate the rest of the tomatoes in the fridge. Yay.

I have 8x800m at 7:50 pace in the morning. Must sleep. 🙂

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  1. Maureen permalink
    September 29, 2012 11:20 pm

    Love that container store fork….we should be at the store for opening day

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