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Our (nearly) complete haven.

July 10, 2012

I love living here! The best thing about taking an eon to close AND have it livable (new construction, you know) is that you get months to prepare/plan/decorate (kind of).

We still are working on getting new art work. I am so excited to show you once it’s all ready. But for now, we have this:

Added some art work to the office:

We like the Expedit bookcases from IKEA. I love that you can add in the types of bins you need. Some of ours have file folders, others have office supplies, and I still have one full of yarn.

This leads to the porch, where we have some new seating (and that view we are so thrilled about):

This is my bathroom:

This one is Michael’s (we went with tree themes!):

We have some new curtains up in the bedroom. I love that they’re on large grommets, so they slide easily and during the day, they can be minimized to let in as much light as possible.

Super hard to get a shot of the walk in closet, but I want to rave about the Container Store’s Elfa system. We met with the folks there, provided them with the dimensions and our needs and they put together a closet we could share (with a section just for my dresses).

There’s a little rack for jewelry, too. I like that my long necklaces have a place to live.

Things happening on the first floor:

This is a vintage table with bakelite drawer pulls. I love bakelite! We are on the fence about having it refinished. What do you think? I kind of love the peeling paint/vintage/shabby chic aspect to it, but in a bright refinished paint, it could look very cool.

I am so pleased with this accent wall, and especially these pillows! They make me smile.

This is something I really am loving. We collect vintage and antique bottles on our travels. We specifically look for bottles that have “Boston” on them. Here, we went with a bus sign (had it made on Etsy) and we have a place to showcase the bottles. We also found some antique cobbler’s shoe molds that we found charming, so here they all are:

The kitchen:

I feel like I have so much space in here.

And making good use of space, we got yet another Container Store delight: an over the door rack that holds spices/oils/vinegars and gives me room to grow. Perfect.

One last thing: a wee wine rack.

Thanks for looking! 🙂

I’m off to make pizza for Michael and a gluten free crust for me! I haven’t had pizza in a really long time, so I am excited to get down to it.

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