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Fast Food for a Busy Girl

June 11, 2012

Getting our new home ready is kind of exhausting! It’s so much fun, but also SO.MUCH.WORK. After a weekend of running around, I carved out a little time to prep some of my foods for the week.

I bake a few chicken breasts so I have some on hand for lunches. For really juicy chicken, bake at 425* for 18 minutes. Perfect every time. I had been off grains as you know, and that included quinoa (even thought it’s technically a seed), but I’ve been incorporating a little back in. With my restricted diet, I’m feeling a little bit deprived, can’t lie.

I love sweet potatoes for post-morning work out. Great recovery food. They’re also great diced and on a salad. Much to Michael’s horror, I also love sweet potatoes in tuna!

If you have beets, save the greens! You can cook up in about 10 minutes with a little oil of your choice, salt and pepper. A squeeze of lemon helps you absorb iron. Thanks Anne, for reminding me!

For dinner, I made a very quick stir fry with fish and veggies. Not pretty, but very healthy. Usually, you’d want a firm fish for this dish, but the pollock looked so good, we bought it and worked with it. Quick sauté of the fish, and then you remove it from the pan and set aside. Add the veggies to the hot pan and cook as desired. Right before you’re done, add the fish back in, add sauce of your choice (we used a little San-J Szechuan, which is a little spicy, and since I was running low on time, a welcome item to have) and that’s it! You’re done. We have also made this with trout, and it was amazing!

Phew! That’s all I have right now! I think I’m gonna crash.

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