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Green Street Natural Foods Haul & Sweet Grits

April 20, 2012

There’s a little natural grocer in Melrose that is located over on Green Street (hence the name, Green Street Natural Foods) and it’s down in the back of someone’s driveway. It’s such a happy little place. We go there to get bulk items, Sweet & Sara marshmallows (vegan), GT Synergy Kombucha, and specialty items. It’s a little family-run shop. Love.

Here’s what I hauled:

I asked the owner about the flours and that’s when he said “Let me get Liz”. So, as it turns out, Liz also has gluten issues, and she’s become something of an expert in GF baking. She printed out some of her recipes from the Green Street food blog for flour blends (find them here) and then talked to me about blends/what to get. She was so helpful! Just talking to her about what she’s been through, and her journey made me feel so normal! Thank you, Liz!

This weekend I’ll be making something delicious!

Also, I made some sweet grits for Michael.

Super easy – just follow the directions for making slow cooking grits, and then add in brown sugar (I made my own by combining sugar and molasses) and cinnamon. Swirl it up and you’re good to go! He raved about them.

Messy spoons are especially delicious tasting.

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