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Gotta getaway: Jeffersonville, VT

April 3, 2012

After a particularly busy (and ok, stressful!) month or so, Michael had a genius idea: weekend trip to the middle of nowhere. You don’t really get more quiet and nature filled than Jeffersonville (population: 568). It’s close enough to Canada that folks have more of a Canadian accent than anything else.

We first went to Burlington, where we had lunch at Magnolia’s, bought a bunch of kitchen things (candy molds, among them),  a trip to American Apparel (ok, that was just for me), and a Magic Hat brewery tour (and that was of course, for Michael).

Then, after completely confusing the heck out of the GPS (I’m not sure how many times we landed in someone’s driveway or yard), we arrived! We rented the dream cabin at Sterling Ridge, and ooooh. This was REALLY nice. Rustic enough to be woodsy, but all the comforts you’d want and need (a giant whirlpool tub in the master suite never hurt anyone). It sleeps 8, so next time we’ll bring friends.

We went to Smuggler’s Notch for a lovely dinner with local ingredients, took a winery tour at Boyden, stopped by the littlest of sugar shacks, saw an owl and some deer, had a fire, stood in the street and bought some antiques.

And this is what it looked like:

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