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DIY: Terrible pics of things I loved to knit

November 16, 2011
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Ooooh, how I loved knitting each of these. And just when I’d decided I did not like Knit Picks yarn (bought slightly impulsively, and for a different project…I ended up changing my mind on everything)! I used Knit Picks Gloss HW in Cranberry and made a cowl you can wear a few ways (scarf, cowl, snood) and a single cable pom pom hat.

Michael took these photos of me, modeling them before work yesterday. Not really thrilled with the pics (why do I look so off here?), but I have to say: both projects were excellent knits. I am planning to make myself a cowl as well, this time in Quince and Co. Puffin in chanterelle. Swoon.

This pattern is a free download if you’re a Ravelry member.

You can also pull it over your head, all snood-like. It would be warm under a coat.

And here is the hat! It’s a free pattern from Classic Elite Yarns. It took me two knitting sessions to make this. I got a pom pom maker for the top. I wish it was bigger, but it’s ok as is. I made a 3″ pom pom.

I am planning to line this hat in fleece. Anne said she’ll make a tutorial for lining hats on her blog – so I’ll show you after I watch that and line mine (I’ll link it too). Happy holiday knitting!

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