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DIY: Glitterize your kicks

November 13, 2011
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Feeling inspired by a bunch of sparkly looking shoes on Pinterest and a couple of DIY blogs, I decided to try it out. I read a bunch of different things about it, and really wanted to buy some ankle booties to glitter, kind of like this from This is Glamorous.

But, I worried about buying new shoes only to wreck them (well, if I messed up!) and figured I’d start with shoes I don’t really wear (mainly because I don’t like the wooden heel on the wedge). I had a pair of old Nine West shoes I picked up at Marshalls maybe 4 or 5 years ago, so I figured I’d start there.

A trip to the craft store yielded sandpaper, glue, glitter and shellac. Total cost: $18.

I had duct tape already, and a few spare magazines (to make clean up easy).

Step 1: Sandpaper heel until smooth.

Step 2: After duct taping around the heel, apply  a combination of glitter and glue (with a sponge)

Step 3: Add more glitter by dumping it over the heel until completely covered. Shake off excess glitter.

I decided to go with a chunkier glitter. But use whatever you like.

Step 4: Dry for an hour, the spray on shellac.

Step 5: Try on, then stomp around to remove any excess glitter.

Yup, that’s about it!

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