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A little spring cleaning in fall

October 5, 2011

This weekend I was thinking about a couple of areas of my life where I need to be more on top of things. And it might sound silly but: makeup and jewelry.

More specifically, I am terrible at cleaning my brushes! Also, I love to buy makeup, even though I don’t wear very much  (or at least, not all at once). But my organizational system was getting a little squeezed out.

My idea is: if I have a small place for my stash, then I should just keep it within the confines of the space I have (this has been helpful with overbuying).  Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day and I’m stressed out, I impulse buy makeup. Not a habit I’m proud of, though I guess there could be worse things.

So while it was going great for a while, it kind of grew. And I kept things in my collection that I wasn’t in love with. And really, it’s too much work to dig through things every morning when I’m getting ready for work. I decided to go through everything carefully and weed out the things I don’t love, don’t reach for and don’t love.

I went from this:

To this:

Lessons learned: stick with brands and colors I love. That means Chanel, MAC, Bare Minerals and those adorable Happy Hearts from Physicians’ Formula. LOVE THEM!! The best $12 I have ever spent.

I gave all my brushes a good bath:

I keep my brushes and tools in a set of vintage Strawberry Shortcake milk glass mugs. I love these things. My favorite brushes in the collection are the MAC 187 and 208. MAC makes such good brushes. These are both over 10 yrs old. They look brand new, too.

Secondly, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE jewelry. I have a lot of sterling, and time makes things all tarnished. But polishing everything feels like a terrible chore. Also, all those chemicals are gross.

Solution: boiling water, tinfoil, baking soda and glass baking dish. Line a glass dish with tinfoil (shiny side up), and place your jewelry you need to clean right in the dish. Cover with baking soda and pour boiling water over everything. If you remember your 10th grade science class (and you’re as nerdy as I am) you will love this.

The tarnish gets transferred from the jewelry to the tinfoil, and you have just cleaned your stuff in about 2 minutes flat. And just like that, I suddenly want to wear everything in my collection, and everything looks brand new!

If you have soft gemstones on your sterling, I would use a polishing cloth, and not put boiling water over it. I’m not sure how that would go.  After cleaning, I put everything on a towel and dry thoroughly before putting things away.

And while I was waiting for everything to cool off, I figured I’d polish my wedding rings. After all, I had some time this weekend to give myself a manicure (see, it was total spring cleaning!), and I figured I needed clean rings too.

My streamlined mornings just got more streamlined. Pretty good stuff!

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  1. October 5, 2011 7:26 pm

    Ughhhh I need to clean my makeup brushes SO BAD. I need to force myself to use my brush cleaner rather than lazily buy new ones!
    Your rings are gorgeous! What kind of stone is that?
    I need to bring mine to my jeweler to get polished, big time.
    Good for you for getting some of these annoying cleaning tasks off your to-do list!

    • October 5, 2011 7:30 pm

      I am happy to give you brush cleaning motivation! It is such a quick thing, so I think we should get on top of it! Thanks so much – it’s a sapphire (Michael’s birthstone). 🙂

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