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Spectacle Island: Clambake!

August 29, 2011

On Thursday night, the sky looked like this, but we were headed to a clambake anyway!

Back when we went to the Plymouth Food Truck Festival, we experienced Jasper White’s Summer Shack. We decided to look them up again (see what they were all about, more events, etc) and learned there was a clambake on Spectacle Island that we could go to. So, off we went.

It rained on and off before we arrived and while we were on the boat, but then it cleared up. Not so bad afterall.

Michael on the boat:

It’s a short boat ride over (about 15 minutes), and you get dropped off for a couple of hours, to have your clambake!

There was a big company outing and only several of us who weren’t with the group. But that was ok, too! We sat at a picnic table with a couple of cute mid-western girls who are transplants to the Boston area. Michael helped them with lobster navigation. I want him to make a YouTube tutorial on lobsters!

What we ate: cornbread, clam chowder, lobster, potatoes, chorizo, clams, corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake. Yes, I will eat the lobster, but no, I still have Michael break it down for me. I’m a baby like that.

I am really not sure what’s happening here, clearly the bib is hilarious:

We had a little time after dinner to explore the island and walk around. It was dark but really serene. And even though this was once a trash dump and Big Dig garbage site, there seems to be a real effort to turn the island around. We loved it.

I had just got my hair keratin’d by the lovely Kashmir at Viselli Santoro (I verbed it) so I put on a hat as to not get it damp. (Brocato Keratin, it’s a 10% solution and lasts about four weeks, as my hair is fine and fuzzy and unattractive in humid weather. This stuff? Is a miracle.)

The city at night was nothing short of astounding. This was the view coming home:

And then, happy and wiped out, we arrived at the parking garage to go home. But the self-pay machine ate our ticket. We had a paid receipt, but no ticket. Alas, we were trapped in le garage (this is a hoot when you’ve got cars backed up behind you and you’re stuck at the gate that won’t move). Michael called “customer service” to help us with it.  We ended up backing up and parking and doing the hokey pokey. This is my interpretive face of that experience:

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