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Beach and Pie: What we did this weekend

July 25, 2011

I am happy to report than Michael is sans crutches! Doctor has approved him for swimming. We went twice this weekend. We’re getting a jump on it.

On Sunday, he was feeling great. So we went out for brunch, to the beach, to Russell Orchards and to the Agawam Diner, for pie. (Side note: 10+ hours of training a week have made me a ravenous pigbeast. I am pretty much always hungry.)

Greenhead flies are in season at Crane’s Beach – our usual stomping ground. They bite and are just kind of awful. I bought us some Avon Skin So Soft Sunblock, which kept us from being bit, and protects from the sun. That stuff really saved the day. Also, it’s not even sticky. Consider me shocked.

Our weekend in pictures, and a quick pie review – just for you!

The boot goes to the beach. But not swimming. We’re not sure it likes water, haha.

While Michael tunes out, I sleep.

At Russell Orchards, we bought blackberries, kohlrabi, corn, tomatoes and cucumbers. No pictures, sadly. We didn’t bring the camera in! But I did make a really delicious gazpacho with all those tomatoes. More on that later.

Now, the Agawam Diner.

This place is like a tiny time warp. It was built in 1940 and is everything you’d want in a diner: counter seating, sticky menus, and pie. A lot of pie. Basically, we go only for the pie.

Michael got custard, and I got chocolate creme. If pudding of any kind is an option in pie – I am getting it. Custard review: Michael said that the thing about custard is, it has to retain some sort of eggy-ness. And this nailed it. As for the chocolate creme, it was lovely. I love a really tall pie. When you try to get a forkful, you really have to comb through a layer of whipped fluffiness. Slice was so big though, I could barely finish half! So bring your appetite, for sure.

Yes, I do look that sun-soaked and tired. But hey, pie!

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