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Hockey in June (and other things we celebrated this weekend)

June 20, 2011

Before presenting our weekend in pictures, I’ll give a little background. We had a big, happy weekend planned. After the Bruins won the Stanley Cup (cue the angels singing), Michael was pretty much over the moon. The weekend was looking like this: Friday night: homemade pizza (I pretty much make pizza every Friday night), and then Michael was off to play a late night hockey game with friends. Saturday was the Bruins parade and dinner out. Sunday was going to be Crane’s Beach, in Ipswich, followed general summer kick-off stuff.

What actually happened: Michael did something devastating to his ankle at hockey, and we did all activities anyway. With a cane. Come hell or high water, the weekend was happening, he said. I think we’re gonna give the sports doc a call today.

First things first: we needed a cane. Enter CVS and the $19.99 special.

We came out to see the crowds at the Garden:

And then we walked over to Government Center, where we saw things  like, a giant Chara-head.

Canes and sand? Not the best combination. But we made it.

This is how Michael feels about his injured paw:


We went to the Clam Box in Ipswich. You know this place? The lines are always insane. We waited 1 hour, 40 minutes. No, really, we did. The verdict: worth the price, but not the wait. I had the lobster roll, and Michael ordered the native clam plate. Really good on all accounts, but a 2 hour lunch experience? Not really what I wanted.

And we took a surprise trip to Richardson’s for ice cream. See?

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