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Chocolate Hazelnut Granola. (You’re gonna want this.)

June 14, 2011

We had (and still have) a ton of hazelnuts.  I was kind of uncertain exactly what I wanted to do with them (homemade Nutella is ranking high, though). This rainy weekend, Michael asked “What are you gonna make me with those hazelnuts?”, and it occured to me that I’ve been putting them off!

I hadn’t made granola in a while and decided that I did indeed have 25 minutes to throw this together. The endorsement for this: on Sunday, Michael ate it for both breakfast and lunch. You might want to make 2 batches.

The inspiration came from here.

1 cup of hazelnuts, roughly chopped

3/4 cup raisins

3 cups rolled oats

3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1/4 tsp kosher salt

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup maple syrup

Preheat oven to 325. Combine dry ingredients and stir well. Add coconut oil and maple syrup and mix until smooth.

Turn mixture onto a baking sheet or cookie tray lined with parchment paper. Flatten out mixture as to ensure even cooking. After 10 minutes in the oven, stir the granola, so it cooks on all sides. Flatten out again and cook for 15 more minutes.

When you take it out of the oven, push all the granola into a pile in the middle of the baking sheet. As it cools, it will stick together. Break into pieces.

That’s it!

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