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His & Hers Daytrip: Go Big or Go Home

April 17, 2011

Spring means one thing: daytrips. We kicked off the first of the season with a trip to Northampton, Mass to hit up Webs Yarn superstore (for me) and then skipped over to West Springfield to another superstore: Table & Vine (mainly for him, but a little for me). I think we spent most of the afternoon saying “Wooooow”.

The morning started like any other Saturday: me, completely unable to sleep past 5am, and lacing up running shoes soon thereafter. Fast 6 miler with the last 2 at race pace, and then it was breakfast, a haircut for Michael, a full tank of gas and off we went. We were a bit on fast-forward, as the Bruins are in the playoffs, and our favorite season ticket holder had a game to get to! No time to waste!

We stopped for lunch first, at Mosaic Cafe in Northampton. This is a college town, no question. It was a wee cafe filled with mainly undergrads, and a smattering of parents of small people.

What we ate: olive plate, vegetarian sigars, fresh pita, moroccan stew (lamb for him, meatless for me), and a lovely pot of sweet tea with some desserts I don’t know the names of. (I’m not vegetarian anymore, but was for 18 years, and I still lean heavily in that direction.)

Next, we were off to Webs! I felt like I was one of the few knitters who hadn’t made the pilgrimage yet. It was time. And Michael was encouraging it. First off, the building is pretty easy to miss. It’s in what looks like an industrial parking lot.

Someone’s husband appears to be sleeping in that Subaru. We couldn’t stop laughing. Clearly this is very wake-me-when-it’s-over for some folks!

It’s pretty overwhelming when you walk in. The newbies can be spotted right away. We were walking around, mouth agape and staring into space. In addition to the huge store, there’s an even larger warehouse in the back FULL of discontinued and highly discounted yarn. I didn’t even know where to start.

Michael says he knows what became of Morticia Adams. Haha! Lots of roving to be found here.

I ended up with a superwash wool/organic cotton blend in Splash from Spud & Chloe for a ballet wrap sweater I’m planning to make. Snagged some summer weight sock yarn from Classic Elite (on sale in the warehouse!) and a couple skeins of double knit merino in yellow. Unsure of the fate of the yellow. It’s TBD.

So, the sleeping man in the Subaru was just the beginning. There are chairs for the men who are bored out of their minds. While one sleeps sitting up, another buries himself in his iPhone. We couldn’t stop laughing. My husband did not fall asleep, for the record.

Next, we drove twenty minutes to West Springfield to a gigantic wine and spirits store called Table & Vine. Michael is what I can only describe as a whisky expert. He’s been to Scotland twice, all for the love of the Isle of Islay. He has a cask waiting for bottling as we speak. Our home boasts a gorgeous collection of his favorites, and we picked up an Ardbeg he doesn’t have, to join the happy family.

Michael was overjoyed with the huge beer selection! There was an aisle dedicated to microbrews and organic beers. Also, every Samuel Smith he’s ever seen and then some! Here he is, showing his affection to the doppelbocks. This is bliss, right here.

I feel like I’m pretty new to wine (first wine tasting ever was last July, on my birthday trip to Amish country!), but we finally found something I like. And by like, I mean LOVE. Pacific Rim Organic Riesling. It’s the least alcohol-y tasting wine I’ve ever had, and it’s downright delicious. It’s also nearly impossible to find. And yet, we walked in, and there it was. We bought two bottles.

And here’s the haul!

And so, that’s mainly how we spent Saturday. We drove home listening to Radio Lab and This American Life podcasts. Happy daytrip season!

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  1. April 19, 2011 1:03 pm

    You and hubs are such a cute couple! Nice vino-haul!

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