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These are a few of my favorite things

January 30, 2011

My favorite things include a pretty wide list – I seem to love a LOT of things. However, I wanted to rave for a few things I can’t ever get enough of. So, let’s get started!

MAC Cremesheen Glass glosses. I have them shown here in Going Casual (lilac) and Loud & Lovely (bright pink). I love that these feel like a balm, yet impart color that lasts longer than 10 minutes. I can get about 3 hours of wear time with these! I have Boy Bait on my wish list. It’s a really pretty neutral.

Chanel Extrait de Gloss in #58 (Emoi). Perhaps the most beautiful packaging I’ve seen in a gloss. These feel substantial in the hand, and when you twist the cap back into place, it gives a satisfying little snap of a noise. Emoi is a deep raspberry without shimmer or glitter. I’m wearing it in the New Year’s pics below, actually. I bought these in three colors (because I can never buy just one!) – Insolence and Confidence (Confidence is limited edition, in case you needed to know).

Zoya Nailpolish. The color here is Reece, and it should be said that everything from the application to the wear time is pretty much excellent with Zoya. I wore this for a full week, and the only sign of an aging manicure was tip wear. Pretty impressive, no? And the price is nice!

Gu in Vanilla Bean. To me, this tastes most like Boston creme donut filling. I mean, it’s Gu, so let’s be honest. It’s not gourmet or something you’d want to consume of your own volition. However, halfway through a two hour run? Bring on the Gu! The sweet gal over at Melrose’s Marathon Sports recommended Mint Chocolate as a new flavor to try out. She was right about it being amazing. LOVE.

Malabrigo Yarn. Hand dyed and made in small batches, this is commerically available, high quality merino wool that I love. The company also uses a flat plate thermal heating system at their mill. This allows them to heat their water tanks for dying processes while utilizing natural resources. I can get behind that. It’s about $15 a skein, depending on where you shop.

Garmin 405CX. I love this so much I can barely form complete sentences. This tracks everything I need to know: distance, speed, time. Michael bought this for my birthday a couple years ago, I am practically MARRIED to this thing. Once, it needed to be rebooted, and I thought it was broken and ….had a little meltdown. I run, I upload, I analyze and I repeat. All week long. Every week.

Thorlo Experia socks in pink. I am pretty picky about my socks. I like these because they have cushioning where I want it: under heels and toes. The material around your arch is minimal.

Aquaphor. Dry skin happiness. I love this stuff. I had a tube for the longest time and never really used it. One reason could be that I have about 10 other hand creams to work through, so this was relegated to the bottom of the pile. It’s been a super cold winter, and this has been saving my hands and feet. I revisited it, and have been using it religiously.

Brownies. I love them. I never make the same recipe twice it seems, but I just made Joy the Baker’s Dark Chocolate Brownie recipe, and it’s very, very good. Also, it’s super cute in these little dishes, right?

This is how I look on weekend mornings: ready for action. That Brooks jacket I’m wearing (Utopia hoodie) is also on the list of my favorites. It’s thin, it has pockets, a hood, and on the hood is a ponytail hole. Isn’t that clever? I pretty much love all things Brooks – I run in the Trance 10 and wear their mittens all winter. (The thing strapped onto my mittens is a Nathan’s bottle. I keep the Gu in the pouch. Very handy.)

Enjoy that snow while it lasts! Cold weather running always seems to be over before I know it.

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  1. January 31, 2011 3:16 pm

    I love the hoodie! Looks so light but it’s warm enough??

    • January 31, 2011 5:03 pm

      Thank you! It’s totally warm. I have worn it in 4 degrees without issue. In very cold weather, I layer it with a coolmax tank for warmth, long sleeved shirt (also coolmax or any synthetic) and then the jacket. Perfectly comfortable out there!

  2. February 4, 2011 10:30 pm

    Yayy thanks for the link!! (coldplaying from MUA)….LOVE your blog – I’ve been here before!! I forgot it was you 🙂

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