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So, guess what?

November 3, 2010
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A little race PR, that’s what.

I know, right? First this seemed all food bloggy, and now we have two running posts in a row, from yours truly. What else do I think about, really? Let’s see. My wonderful husband. Yarn. Knitting things. What I want to cook. Our cat. I love that fuzzy face SO MUCH. And whatever it is we’re doing next weekend.

So the deets: I’m a big fan of inaugural races because really…showing support is nice. Also they’re generally less clogged. Fields are getting larger and larger and it stresses me a bit. (See that face? That’s how I feel about oversold fields. Not cool, man.)

The Melrose YMCA held a Spooky Sprint 5K last Saturday. And here’s a confession: I’ve never raced a 5K. Give me all your long distance. Give me your Boston Marathons. And ooh, if you want a fun marathon, do Maine. It’s seriously organized. Ask my mom. I used to have her wait at finish lines with a tupperware of pineapple. Yum, sugar.

That said, I mentioned in my last post I’ve been working on speed. So what the heck – I registered the morning of the race. Also a first for me. Last minute entering. Crazy, right? So this means I didn’t get a shirt. Sigh.

I came out of the gate with a clean 6:45, and was super worried that I was moving too fast. Stayed with it for .30, and then abandoned. In hindsight, not my smartest move. But the hills at mile 2 were just fine as wine.

Didn’t leave the 7 min range, and finished with a 7:37 average on my Garmin, 7:47 according to the race folks.  Anyway, no matter! I was 3rd in my age group, and the 5th female to cross the finish line.

I finished with a lot of gas in the tank, and feeling like I wanted to run it again. And that right there? Was my triumph of the day.

After that, the husband and I were off to a tour of the Sports Museum at the Garden, and a trip to Fanueil Hall. Pretty epic day, I’d say.

Oh! And I made these pumpkin blondies from a recipe Michael found on Pioneer Woman’s site. While I normally shy away from anything requiring more than 1 stick of butter, I have to say – make them. (My notes: I halved the sugar and swapped out the white chocolate for dark. Husband has declared them “the best thing you ever made”. So, there’s that.)

And isn’t this YMCA mascot creepy? In a fun way, I mean.


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