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Check out my joystick.

June 11, 2010
I think my sister would probably be the most surprised by this: I now possess a white Xbox controller. In 1989, we got a Nintendo Entertainment System, and for the life of me, I couldn’t coordinate my hands with the screen. I was always Luigi, and I always died. I relegated myself to the position of watching Michelle play and alerting her to particular upcoming difficulties I knew were right around the corner. This happens when one has a strong cognitive map of Super Mario Brothers.
In lieu of watching TV, I usually watched my sister play. Sometimes I catch myself watching my husband play Xbox. I have been indoctrinated to a world with such lingo as first person shooter (FPS) and role playing games (RPG). I have learned that watching my husband play a FPS game will make me motion-sick on the spot. Assassin’s Creed 2 is really pretty, but oh man, I just can’t look. 
So what can I play without needing Dramamine? You know that Lego Indiana Jones? That looks like my speed. I also need to mentally correct my urge to call the controller a joystick. (In proper Nicole-fashion, I did want to know if I could get it monogrammed. Not really an option.)Mainly it makes my husband laugh when I slip up, so I sometimes I say “joystick” just for a giggle. But, I am learning! It’s adventure and I love trying new things. 
I thought of this last weekend as we were kayaking. My husband is a huge fan of kayaking. I’ve been about 15 times in my life, but suddenly I want to go ALL. THE. TIME. We’re planning a three day trip, which has occupied a good chunk of my brain space with excitement. 
And in other news, the other half was chomping at the bit earlier in the week for another race. So, we’re running Chatham Harbor is a couple of weeks! We’re hoping to get in on the Boston Bruins Foundation Team to run Falmouth (cross your fingers, we’re waiting on bib availability). And there’s the Harwich Half in October, and probably the Disney full in January. It’s a fun blending of interests. Hockey meets running? Mickey medals and marathons? Totally awesome, right?
So now I have a controller and am kayaking. He’s a running fiend and yoga student. And it pretty much makes me smile like a fool. 
(Note: Throughout writing this, I have developed an earworm of the Atari 2600 commercial. “The fun is back, oh yes sirree. It’s the 2600 from Atari”. You know you want it stuck in your head, too. You’re welcome.)
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