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June 2, 2010

One could argue that my first race was a microcosm of my life. 

It had a fast start with unbelievable highs and deep lows. 
Scenery at times raced by and sometimes crawled so slowly as if time itself was reaching out and pulling me backwards.  
Through it all, I moved and didn’t stop.

 Upon closer inspection, this metaphor seems to stand up to the test.

 My time in the womb prepared me, to a certain extent, for the rigors of life.  

My fingers, my eyes, my feet- these items were all put into practice for a trial of great import, and an emergence so deep that it sits at the core of all humanity.
In the same way, I prepared and trained for my first race.  I ran and ran and only stopped when my body refused.  I fixed my diet and my habits and faced my fears and my doubts.

 The metaphor stands as strong as ever.

My time in the womb was not spent alone, there was another guiding and watching and sustaining- providing vital function and development.  

Much in the same way, I wouldn’t have started down this path if my wife hadn’t inspired me.  All along she guided me, nursed me to health and set my fears aside.  

She coached me, trained me, supported me and held my bicycle seat until I was ready to pedal on my own. 

So, to all appearances, my first race WAS a microcosm of my life.  

It certainly was a great emergence of self.  It was a fine blend of triumph and expression and longing as much as it was a healthy dose of rigor and challenge.  

I did have a lot of critical help, but I also reached deep down into places with cobwebs and shadows and boxes filled with things long untouched.

On the other side of that finish line, I left an important step behind me and embarked upon a whole new journey- just like I did when I first laid eyes on sunlight 32 years ago.

So, in a sense, this new journey has taken on a life all its own.  It is not only a step on my own path, it is in and of itself a unique and complete copy of my whole life.

I cannot wait to see where it takes me next.

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