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The Good Old Roadrace

June 1, 2010
Until last weekend, race day had been a solo operation. All my weirdness about prepping was easily hidden away. What I wanted to eat (PB&J), when I wanted to eat it (2-1.5 hours before the race, consuming slowly), what I wanted to listen to (Avril Lavigne, shameful, I know), and how many time I wanted to check if I need to pee (more than is humanly necessary, but one can’t be too careful).
But alas, solo also meant a solo journey. It’s really nice when you can be weird and crazy with another person without trying to move or hide it. My husband is my very favorite partner in crime. I was so excited to share all of this with him. Solo racing is no more!
The night before, I laid out everything I wanted to pack for our journey to Cape Cod: Gu, hand held water bottles, sunblock, facial sunblock (hey, I’m a delicate flower), vaseline, wet wipes, a variety of hair ties, changes of clothes for adventuring post-race, extra safety pins (I’m always worried that they’ll run out), Garmin Forerunner, iPods (for the car, because we are too busy gabbing and running to listen to music) and snacks, of course.
We got up early on race day morning, nearly bouncing off the walls. Race day magic had already paid us a visit.  
It was a little Mom & Pop type operation – a straight forward, time-honored road race. No timing chips, no medals, no tech shirts. We started 20 minutes late. The roads weren’t closed. You’d see the runners part to let cars pass. And having planned each training run carefully to include much bigger hills than we’d be climbing, the 5 mile mark was eaten up and spit out. Hills for breakfast? No problem.
But this no frills race was one of the most fun races I’ve run – for several reasons. One: my husband was there. I know about all the sweat, long hours and hard work that went into training – and it was such a great feeling to see him cross that first finish line, and with ease, no less! Two: it was classic Cape Cod-postcard and a fast course! Shorter than a long Sunday run, with different scenery (who doesn’t want to run around cranberry bogs?). Three: we went and played in Plymouth for the afternoon, right after. (Baby wipes are your friend! Makes for quick clean up for more play time.)
And here’s something else I realized: I thought I’d run at least one 10K before this. Turns out, it was a 7.5 mile race (New Charles River, I forget which year). So it was MY first 10K, too! Isn’t that great? I have been so used to the half and full marathon distance leaving me rendered nearly exhausted that I really REALLY enjoyed running this, and then having a really fun afternoon, feeling full of energy.
Of course, on Monday, after race day, I did what I used to do: find more races I want to sign up for. This time, I emailed all the links to the husband, asking which one HE’D like to run. I mean, we can’t go a whole summer without racing, right? Right?? I am on the hunt for more 10Ks. I want to eat them up like cute little candies. Bring on the Mom & Pops. I can’t get enough!
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