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Fiddle-dee Da

May 18, 2010
The fiddleheads arrived with a great deal of confusion. The CSA folks were having an arrival/pick up/who’s-getting-what issue.  It went like this: Fiddleheads will be here. And asparagus. No wait, no asparagus. Maybe asparagus. Location to be announced. Check the site. Check your email. Check the carrier pigeon with the note. Decode the note, and if you’re clever enough, you win fiddleheads. (We so won.)
I arrived in someone’s driveway to get our share only to find the distributer having a melt down regarding fiddlehead bag size (each bag from the farm is supposed to be 10 pounds, but the one she test-weighed rang in at 5.75 pounds, sadly missing the mark). So, I filled my City Sports bag with my pound of greens (Oh, what did I get at CS? Thorlo Experia socks. Have you tried these? I truly can’t run without them. I urge you to go and get some. Best $13 you’ll spend.) and went on my way.
The young fern fronds are available once a year, and much like zucchini blossoms or panettone, you want to make sure you don’t miss out.
Any good Italian girl worth her tomatoes is all over these. 
I made some polenta with a bit of ricotta and basil. In another pan, I sauteed some portabella mushrooms, leeks, asparagus (thanks, Trader Joe), the precious fiddleheads, grape tomatoes, peas, and spices. I plunked the vegetables atop the polenta, topped with pecorino romano and voila! Dinner was served.  
But back to the confusion. All the communication snags made me wonder how to help improve the efforts of this wonderful little understaffed CSA. So I fired off a newsletter article to their editor, and followed up with an impatient “What else can I do??”. They ran my article, and in the future – more writing and community event planning. I’m pretty excited to get my hands dirty with whatever they’ll let me do.
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